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Hilla von Rebay

Hildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Freiin Rebay von Ehrenwiesen, known as Baroness Hilla von Rebay or simply Hilla Rebay, was an abstract artist in the early 20th century and co-founder and first director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. She was a key figure in advising Solomon R. Guggenheim to collect non-objective art, a collection that would later form the basis of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum collection. She was also influential in selecting Frank Lloyd... Read More

BornHildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Rebay von Ehrenwiesen
31 May 1890
Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine, German Empire
Died27 September 1967 (aged 77)
Greens Farms, Connecticut, United States
OccupationArtist, museum director


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